About Palle Moeller Foundation

NGO Board No. S.5914/428

Who we are:

Palle Moeller Foundation (PMF) is a Charity Organisation focused on promotion of Education, Social Welfare, Sports, Medical and to work with communities in Uganda to promote excellence and human dignity. It is also the Corporate Social Responsibility department for General machinery Limited (GMACH) Group of Companies.

Palle Moeller Foundation started work in 1985 and is registered in Uganda as a non-profit charity organization under the NGO Registration Board. PMF is named after its Founder, Mr. Palle Moeller, who decided to put aside profits from his businesses in Uganda for the assistance of disadvantaged people in the Ugandan community.

The Foundation has a supervisory Committee of volunteer Ugandans from a diverse background working to oversee and plan for the Foundation. The day to day running of the operation is handled by a part time assistant Secretary and accounts assistant.

PMF is an arm of the General Machinery Group of Companies (GMACH) Corporate Social Responsibility. Each Company within the Group makes an annual commitment in contributing towards improving and changing lives in Ugandan communities.

The Foundation seeks to alleviate human suffering while promoting life as a gift and heritage of Ugandan communities.

What we do:

Palle Moeller Foundation undertakes the following activities:
  1. We advance the education of the public in all subjects of learning including agriculture, medicine, crafts, business and the liberal arts by supporting creativity and promoting excellence;
  2. To relieve poverty within Uganda by assisting the vulnerable, supporting poverty relieving activities and initiatives, assisting communal initiatives to enhance welfare and social wellbeing;
  3. To promote social welfare by supporting all round activities and initiatives that enhance wellness and preserve nature;
  4. To promote public health through the provision of health care to those persons in Uganda who by virtue of their circumstances and are in need of such facilities by supporting health promoting activities and initiatives;
  5. To relieve persons in Uganda who are suffering hardship as a result of drought, earthquake, floods or other natural disasters or who by reason of their social and economic conditions are in need of assistance e.g Karamoja, Mbarara, Soroti.
Target groups for the Palle Moeller Foundation:
  • Elderly / old people;
  • Children / young people;
  • People with disabilities; and
  • The general public / mankind
  • All beneficiaries must be Ugandans
Where Palle Moeller Foundation operates:
  • Throughout Uganda; with
  • The main Office based in Kampala – Plot 10, Old Port Bell Road, P.O. Box 6080, Kampala.
  • Contact Person: Ms. Jackie Nampeera – Tel. No.: 0393 216497/ 0414 346566
  • E-mail: info@mesl.gmachgroup.com